What It Means To Be A Strong Woman In The Equestrian Industry

What Does It Take?

First of all the real title should be: "What Does It Take To Be A Strong Woman?". This is a loaded question. With the equestrian industry in constant flux financially, having a steady approach to any field of the industry is key. You want to ride out the waves of inconsistency by combating it with consistency. Easier said than done right? This is where the word "strong" comes into play.

Here is what it takes to be a woman in the horse world:

- Leave out the strong for a minute because that comes later, for right now just do you.

-You have to be flexible.

- Let things roll of your back.

-Realize that what has worked with one horse might not work on the next.

-Always be on time.

-Know your goals and stick to them. Don't let others sway your path.

-Grit, ladies. Grit.

-Always lead with compassion for the animal (there is a lot of strength in compassion)

-Know your skill and hone it.

-Being a woman in general means multi-tasking and working twice as hard as the men out there.

Why? Because on some level it's just what's needed.

This is one of the reasons I became an ambassador for companies like Just Strong.

I love what I do. I help horses. I help people too ( I hope). But mainly, I'm in this for the horse. Everything I do with my business is focused on what I can do to be better, work harder and get results. Results is what I'm after. Not fads, not what is cool now. What I have seen work and what my clients see work. I love feed back. I love critical thinking and criticism even.

It's so easy to get bogged down when someone doesn't "understand" you.

Right? I mean, isn't that what we are all after anyway.




Do It For You

Business Is Your Bus-i-ness

Starting a business in this field of equine bodywork means that not everyone is going to understand you. But hey, that's okay. Results. Results. You show them through results.

Trainers, instructors, show managers, ride managers, breeders: you show them through results. Good achievements and good results are not always the same thing. What works doesn't always get recognized.

A strong woman, no matter what industry she happens to work or play in, means having integrity and standing up for what she believes in. OK this might sound cliche, but isn't it the truth!

Being guided by your "core frequency" as us cranial sacral advocates might say, is essential.

Who is guiding you?

Social media might be to some degree. Social media is simply people comparing people. Can I get an amen?

You could be guided by what your children will think of you. I mean this in a positive way. We want our kids to look up to us. But we also really want them to have a good example set out before them. Sure, let this one guide you all day long. "Kids" can also mean the kids you teach or mentor. Trainers can be so influential in this business.

You might be guided by a higher power or an inner strength. These are all great guides. In healthy ways we can use these to succeed.

A woman working in the equestrian world is not uncommon. In fact, it's common. More like 75% of all equestrians are women. That does not mean that we always make up the rules. A lot of times we follow them. This is a work in progress and that's ok.

Business growth means putting yourself out there.


Give them the results and the rest will fall in line.


Do your best and grind until it almost hurts.


Look for inspiration from others but stay true to yourself.