Essential Oils And Your Horse

There are many great things about essential oils. You can eat them for goodness sakes! So you know they aren't harmful. They are natural and wonderful and I have grown to love them over the years. Not only for their aromatic qualities but for all the other uses I have found for them.

Horses love them too! A little lavender on the palm of your hand, waving in front of your horses nose will shoot up senses that please and calm them. Mix in a little Frankincense for a spiritual uplift.

You see, horses are sensitive animals with very fine-tuned senses such as smell.

Just a human wearing a certain essential oil can give a horse a certain mood.

That is why I love to use them when I work on these amazing animals.

Lavender is one of the most loved essential oils of them all!

If we eat something, the horse can smell it.

So next time you pull into McDonalds before your riding lesson, remember that! haha

Let's talk about a few essential oils and what we can do with them. Since we are human and have quite dulled senses compared to our loving animals, we sometimes take for granted what a couple drops can do.

You can make everything natural when you use essential oils. Now, remember that usually more "natural" ingredients means that they are less harsh. This means that when you are talking about making fly spray for your horse, a natural blend made with essential oils will not kill the fly's as well as that harmful toxic stuff.

The point is to kill the fly's. So you want a harmful chemical. But these chemicals from regularly sold fly sprays also affect your horse. They seep into the skin and often cause hives.

It is a hard line to walk.

I usually spray the harsh stuff on legs when I really need to use it such as: the farrier is coming out and we don't want to kill/ hurt the farrier now do we?

But if I can at all use a softer mix for fly spray such as this horse fly spray recipe, you should.

Essential oils can also aid in digestion.

There is a great one from Young Living called: Digize Vitality. It not only tastes good dropped in water, but put a few drops in your horses grain. This mixture of Tarragon, Juniper, Ginger, Anise, Fennel, Patchouli, Peppermint and Lemongrass is one of a kind and very soothing.

You can use this for yourself by putting 2 drops in a 16 oz glass of water.

Try infusing it into the air with a diffuser. Everyone should have a diffuser in there home. They aren't expensive and you can really set the mood aromatically using one.

When using essential oils on your horse topically, make sure to dilute with water and put in a spray bottle.

But one of the best ways to influence your horses mood or happiness is by simply putting a couple of drops in your hand, rubbing them together and letting your horse breath it in. You can even put your palm up to your horses Ying Tang point (in the center of their forehead) and let it sit there for a couple of minutes.

Horses are very honest and will tell you what smells and combinations they like or dislike.

Relaxation is healing for the body. Add a couple drops of lavendar and Stress Away by Young Living to the back of your neck. Then breath it in and fall asleep.

For now, order a few of the basic essential oils and test them out in your home, on your horse and to others who you want to feel a certain way.

Lavender on the kids before bed: sleep well.

Panaway on the bottom of your feet: clears toxins away.

Here are the few basic essential oils every person should keep around:

- lavender




All of these are sold by me through Young Living if you are interested.

My member number is : 15604678

I can even get you set up with your own member account and premium packet of essential oils.

They are healing, and wonderful!

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