Business Motivation And Self-Encouragement

We all have those days. When we feel like everyone else is rising, and we are not.

Not progressing.

Maybe even falling backwards.

But mindset really has everything to do with how we see this.

The key is to take the consistent-long-approach.

The consistent-long-approach is this: seeing yourself at the end of it all. The end game. Where you want to end up, not where you are right now. The consistency part comes with persistence. Tackling everyday in the same way and rolling with the good and the bad. Even in the field of equine bodywork this applies.

I am writing this blog for myself. And for others who might be struggling with keeping that ball rolling. Maybe you are a multi-tasking mom. Perhaps you just started a business. Or maybe both? Maybe you have hit a rut. Maybe things had to be put on the back burner for reasons A, B and C.

It's hard to look at other peoples accomplishments and compare them and here is why: our timelines are different. Timeline is everything. The consistent-long-approach is something I just totally made up by the way. But it works! And it sounds like I know what I am talking about. But through years of trial and error I kind of do.

Take endurance riding for example. If you want to tackle something like The Tevis Cup-100 miles in one day- you need that consistent-long approach. You are going to blow your horse out at mile 36 unless you are consistent. This also means tackling every step as it comes. The mirror image to life in this scenario is that we need to tackle every day in a consistent way just like a rider would tackle every mile consistently to get to the finish of a 100 mile race.

Or take your Medal round this year. Did you tackle every fence with the same consistency? Did you hurry in anticipation or back off in fear?

Here is what my goal is every day when I get up: make a list of things to accomplish.

Even if these are small tasks. Getting things checked off helps to know that there is forward momentum. While running my own equine bodywork business and being a mother of twin infants, you can imagine how my days are.

But the truth is, that if I tackle every day with the same intention and consistency, it really does pay off.

An example of my daily checklist:

- Instagram and Facebook post for Centered Equine Therapies (motivation and inspiration)

-Instagram story about where I will be working next (ex: Halloween show)

-2 loads of laundry

-Take girls and dog to the park

-Look up a new modality technique

-Study for upcoming Advanced Cranial Sacral Class: Somato Emotional Release

-Order more supplies for business

I might not get all of these things checked off of my list in one day. I check off what I have accomplished and move the rest on to the next days checklist. I can become quite manic about lists if you let me. But they do help keep me sane and organized when used correctly.

If I find myself feeling unmotivated or down about myself or my business, I like to listen to inspirational podcasts or stories. Like the one Karl Cook just posted on instagram TV about his winning Longines FEI rounds. Dissecting it even though he won. We are never done learning. I like that approach!

Or go back through some of the instagram posts I love and re-visit old wisdom. Making sure you have people who you look up to as not just a business model but as a person is really important. I find myself getting rid of those inadequate feelings and replace them with motivation.

Getting to the other side of a down day means looking outside of the box. I am an endurance rider but I find a lot of my inspiration and training advice comes from the hunter/jumper circuit. I like the detail and precision of the sport even if my true passion lies on the trail.

I am an equine bodyworker, but I often find myself looking for words of wisdom from those who are runners or business women from another field of work. It's all relative because we are all just human.

The consistent-long-approach means delayed gratification. Well, usually. There's nothing better than a client texting me how great their horse feels the day after I worked on them. Or that the vet says that we are on the right track when dealing with an injury. But mostly, I have to find encouragement from within. And that is what most high-level athletes would say they do. You take what you know works, shed off what didn't work and try again.

Consistency is a learning process for me. And I'm sure it is for you. Just know that no matter what line of work you are in, the end game is what is important. When talking about you and your horse as a pair, the same thing applies. You need to realize that the one class is not end game. The end game is the medal final. Or the end game might be that perfect round that goes unnoticed. The end game might be leaving your horse with a better feeling about themselves than when you pulled them out of the stall.

Self encouragement isn't a bad thing. It is a necessity. In the equine world there are a lot of fads. There is a lot of money. There is a bit of corruption too.

Stay true.

Stay consistent.

See results.

Don't take things too personally.

And last but not least, get your consistent-long-approach down to a science.

Let's do this!

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