My love of horses began as a young child following my sister around our 160 acre ranch in Northern California. Maintaining my passion through mucking stalls and taking whatever mount I could get, I learned to ride multiple disciplines. Most of my life my interpretation of horses was through riding, horsemanship and training.

In my early teens I showed on the Arabian breed circuit in California. Western pleasure, hunt seat equitation and saddle seat were very familiar to me for many years. In high school I purchased an off the track Thoroughbred who taught me a lot about patience and kindness. Leaving for Santa Barbara and college I soon realized I would be without horses so I pursued a free lease on an ex-eventer. She taught me a lot about bravery. 

My Rambler Boo #teviscup #tevisforce2017

In 2018 as I was preparing for my first year as an equine bodyworker and my third Tevis Cup attempt, I found out that I was pregnant with twins! This didn't stop me from going through the process of  becoming trained in Cranial Sacral. But it did put a long hold on completing my thrid the Tevis Cup.


Oddly enough, having children has even deepened my gift and strength in my equine bodywork skills. There is something stronger in me with more compassion and meaning than ever before. I am so happy I continued to take the leap into this line of work.


I hope to continue my education and learning. Each horse I lay my hands on gives me more and more knowledge and further roots me in my belief that science and spirituality are not that far apart from one another. I see this great circle that connects in horses as well as people.


I look back on the past almost 30 years that I have been on and around horses. It all brought me to this place I am at now. An advocate for the horse and the deeper issues that concern us all. 

Finally got my pics from the Cache Creek

Fast forward a few years and I found myself deeply immersed in endurance riding. Living in the foothills near Auburn, Ca (the endurance capitol of the world) it was all there in my backyard waiting for me. Training my own horses as well as a few for other people, I fell back in love with the Arabian.

Through these years I helped manage a couple of Hunter/Jumper barns in the Sacramento area and got stricter about my horse care. I also audited a slough of clinics ranging from Buck Brannaman to Clinton Anderson to George Morris. I also found myself giving lower level riding lessons and finally getting back into training by being an assistant, helping start babies at a barn in Lincoln for a few years.

My endurance riding took me deep into the countryside. It also took me deep into horse psychology, anatomy and care. Getting ready for events such as The Tevis Cup and other 100 mile rides made me take a closer look at the care I was giving my own horses. Finishing rides such as The Tevis Cup gave me grit and determination.


I started working with Tom Mayes who is a very talented Osteopath. He not only helped my horses be successful in competition but got me and my 19 year old arab through Tevis in 2015 for the 60th year anniversary of the ride. Tom helped me realize that I also had a gift for horses and empathy and that I too could hone my skills to do what he did. Doubting myself for years I put it on the back-burner.  But one day the time felt right to pursue this passion.