About Hilary

Healing- Wellness- Performance

Getting results in a non-invasive way.

Preventative maintenance that lasts.


Palpatin of the cervical spine
50mile endurance Ride

I am here to help you and your horse achieve your goals. Whether that is attaining the highest level of performance, or optimizing your equines health and wellness.


By implementing multiple modalities and sticking to a preventative maintenance plan, you can see the benefits of my bodywork practice. Let me help you and your horse succeed this coming competition season.


I am always adding new tools and therapies to my program. A life long learner, I am continually trying to improve. I do what I see works. I am about results for the horse without compromising the horse.

Everything I do is USEF and FEI approved. You might be an endurance rider needing the optimum edge before a 50 or 100 mile ride. You could be entered in a Medal Final and want the best flexibility in your horse body and mind before a class. Let me help you get there.

At home sessions are more extensive and are a great way to prepare for competition as well relax or "let-down" afterwards. Using multiple modalities allows me to be flexible and give your horse what they need on that day. Every horse is different. Giving each one a personalized session that suits their personal need is what I am after. 

I love to sponsor classes and events. I also have quite a few amazing sponsored horse and rider pairs that I support in every way I can so that they can achieve success.